Project Loan is provided to corporate borrowers for the purpose of capital expenditure including setting up of new/ additional manufacturing facilities, construction etc. Project loan is also available to acquire the fixed assets like land & building, plant & machinery etc.
Project Loan is offered for
Mid / Large corporates having turnover more than Rs.500 Crores or Projects outlay of Rs.500 Crores OR minimum exposure ( Funded + Non Funded) of Rs.25 Crores Companies (including SPV's) executing various infrastructure projects in sectors such as power- hydel / thermal / solar, roads, highways, bridges, ports, dams, airports, rail system, water supply, irrigation, sanitation and sewerage system, telecommunication, housing, industrial park or any other public facility of a similar nature, construction relating to project involving agro processing, supply of agricultural inputs, preservation and storage of processed agro products, educational institutions and hospitals as may be notified by RBI from time to time ,Commercial Real estate projects like Hotels, residential / commercial complexes, setting up new plant / manufacturing facilities etc

Eligibility Criteria for Project Loan

The eligibility criteria for Project Loan

How To Apply For An Project Loan?

At SME Paisa, you can apply for Secured Project Loan online or offline. Walk into our nearest branch office for a free consultation and guidance regarding an ideal funding option suiting your needs. Or, you may choose to apply online and get an instant approval for funds. Remember to keep a soft-copy of documents required for Business loan ready for upload in case of an online application

Document Required for Project Loan

The list of documents required for a Project loan includes:

Frequently Asked Question

Your loan can serve a variety of needs, everything from home renovation to debt consolidation and more.

If all your documents are in order the loan should be credited to your account in 24 hours.

Yes, but it comes with a marginal charge. You can read about it

Partners /Promoter Directors will be taken as co-applicant in case of Partnership/Pvt ltd co. respectively.

We offer competitive interest rates for our loan facilities. The interest for each loan is determined based on assessment of your business profile, past track record, financial records, loan amount required and tenure of loan.